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Thanks for visiting our web site. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our goats. Some of the does pictured have 12 hours of milk, or less, in the pictures that were taken at home. We are not great at taking pictures, and if they donít go to a show, they are not always clipped.

Addi Hill herd in the fall of 2015

Our herd name came from the hill we reside on, Addisonian Hill, which is just outside of Ashland, a small north central Ohio town.

We started with dairy goats in 1984, purchasing two Grade Toggenburgs. In 1985, we purchased a French Alpine doe, and we have continued with them since. All of the does in our herd can be traced back to this original Alpine doe. We are life members of ADGA. In 2019 we received a certificate of recognition from the state of Ohio for our 35th anniversary of breeding dairy goats. We strive to breed a structurally correct alpine The herd was appraised in 2022.

Addi Hill Herd pictured in 2012

In the summer of 2019, we were able to attend 5 shows. Three of our does finished their championships and CH Sydnee had two Best Doe In Show wins. Three more of our does were awarded superior genetics in 2019. No shows were attended in 2020 due to none being held in Ohio. We made it to two shows in 2021, with Lotus finishing her championship. SGCH Lotus was awarded Elite doe status for her milk production in 2020 and 2021. Linnetís son Loois was named to the Young Sire Development list for 2020.

Our herd is CAE negative, CL free and very healthy. We vaccinate with CD&T and BO-SE. We use chemical wormer as needed along with an herbal wormer. They are offered kelp, sodium bicarb and goat minerals free choice. We feed 17% commercial goat feed and high quality alfalfa/alfalfa mixed hay. Our herd always has access to pasture.

The kids are removed at birth and are hand raised on heat treated colostrum or replacement colostrum and pasteurized milk. All kids receive their vaccinations on a schedule and are disbudded at an early age.

Prices are for pre-ordered kids and a $100 deposit will hold the kid of your choice. Kids will need to be picked up at three to four weeks of age. If the kid you select is not born, your deposit will be promptly refunded or you may select another kid. If the buyer decides to cancel the ordered kid, the money will not be refunded. We do reserve the right to retain kids of our choosing. Kids can be shipped out of Cleveland, OH, with buyer paying all expenses involved.

We do sell several milking does a year, after they are fresh and we can evaluate them. So contact us in early spring to reserve milking does. Mature bucks are some times offered for sale also.

Our thanks to all who purchased stock from us in 2022.

Thanks for looking at our herd!

Thomas & Mary Dignin
Ashland, Ohio 44805
Phone: 419-281-0579

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